Licensing Opportunities

Althea’s constant engagement with scientific projects and the management’s commitment to investing in science has paved the way for Althea to develop best in class all natural therapeutically effective assets which are available for global licensing. Our asset base ranges from therapies for alopecia to pain and inflammation.

Hair Biology

Increase In Hair Growth

High-potency formula for hair growth
and scalp health

Hair Follicles

Activates resting hair follicles

Increase Hair

Clinically proven to increase hair density
and growth rate

Unique Combination

Unique combination of traditional
knowledge and modern science

Scientific Experts

Rationally designed by scientific experts

Safe Use

Safe for long term application

Clinical Results

Hair Density

20 Times increase as compared to

Hair Length

15 Times increase as compared to untreated after 2 months

Hair Tensile Strength

5 Times increase as compared to


Extensive preclinical tests for efficacy and mechanism

Wide spectrum of preclinical assays to cover multiple therapeutic properties ranging from pain, immunity, inflammation to skin aging and hair growth.

Extensive testing for efficacy assessment and mechanistic profiling using cell based and animal models.

Rational selection of ingredients depending on therapeutic use

Activity guided selection of ingredients for rationally designed formulations.

Extensive characterization of products.

Formulation development: Oral or Topical

Accelerated and real time stability.

Collaborative projects.

Efficacy, permeability, bioavailability and safety tests with formulation

Testing of the technologies to ensure primary end points are achieved.

Targeted technologies adapted for customer’s requirement.