Althea Apothecary

At the core of Althea DRF Lifesciences is Althea Apothecary - our own consumer brand that offers a range of all natural phytoactive products catering to niche segments of healthcare and wellness. Our product pipeline broadly targets umet therapeutic areas that lack effective solutions in both the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical range including immune response and organ health. Through our strong partnership network, most notably with Dabur Research Foundation we are able to harness a robust scientific pool and infrastructure for product development and testing to ensure safety and efficacy of our products.


Multiple Formats

  •    Tablets
  •    Capsules
  •    Lozenges
  •    Syrups
  •    Tea Bags
  •    Granules
  •    Gummies
  •    Powders
  •    Sprays
  •    Creams
  •    Gel
  •    Lotions
  •    Oil in Cream
  •       Roll On

Science Based

  •    Efficacy Test Conducted At GLP Lab
  •     Rational Selection Of Ingredients
  •    Stability Studies
  •    Certificate Of Analysis

Therapeutic Areas

  •    Immunity
  •    Organ Health
  •    Metabolic
  •    Congnitive Health
  •    Derma Pathology
  •    Skin health
  •    Hair biology
  •    Metabolic and lifestyle